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10th-Feb-2009 12:58 pm - Merlin Icons
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things

Merlin 9


TEASER! Icon 004 TEASER! Icon 007 TEASER! Icon 008

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19th-Jan-2009 08:57 pm - these hammers and strings
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things
This is just about the smallest post ever. LOL. But still...

5 Stock - Bird Icons
1 Doctor Who - Donna


TEASER! Icon 001 TEASER! Icon 004 TEASER! Icon 006

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30th-Nov-2008 11:35 am - oi! watch it earth girl!
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things
Wow. It's been a while. Um, I am going to try to get some Doctor Who icons/banners done. If anyone knows where I can get some caps that would be very helpful. :)

Sorry I haven't updated lately. I haven't even been that busy, just consumed by Doctor Who. And now I've started Torchwood so...Anyway. Update coming soon.

If there are any requests I would be happy to take some. :) It will give me more of a reason to update. :D
22nd-Oct-2008 10:53 pm - pure imagination
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things

So I decided I would do a picspam of Barack Obama, the future president of the United States (wootwoot)! This picture here has to be the best thing ever. That there is Kasey Jefferies! She was in my graduating class and one of my very very good friends. I was so totally jealous of her. She got on CNN and Fox News! She doesn't support him and she thinks he is very "feminine" and shakes hands like a girl (she came into our government class and told us all about it). But seriously I though it was amazing that she got to meet him and shake his hand. So now, on to the spammage! There is quite a lot under the cut. :) Most of the pictures were from his website so if you have been through all those then there probably isn't anything new in here that you haven't seen. :)


(it's at my personal journal, in an open entry so you don't have to friend me or anything. :D)
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things

The Fall Icons : 8
The Fall banners: 16 (Many are variants (with text/without text))

climb in the back with your head in the cloudsCollapse )
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things
A lot of people seem to be liking my banners I have been making from The Fall, so I am here with six more plus some icons. TEASERS THIS TIME! WOOT!


The Fall Icons: 11
The Fall Banners: 6

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12th-Oct-2008 10:25 pm - 5 more banners from The Fall
dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things
I made five more banners from The Fall!!!

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dw; eleven/amy: pile of good things
I made 3 banners from The Fall. This movie is stunning and everyone should watch it. :)))

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